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How Do I Book?

First things first, book a consultation on the Book With Bee tab. Once you have completed the consultation with the Doulas and felt like the meeting was a good fit for you both, in your email you will find a message titled 'Bee The Doula Intake Forms' or 'Student Doula Intake Forms' that contains the contracts (Jot Form Links) for you to sign to begin the booking process! Once the contracts are signed, the invoice will be created via Square and sent to your email so that you may submit your 25% deposit and future payments. Once the deposit is submitted, then you're officially a Bee The Doula client and will be receiving a welcome email!

What is a Doula?

By definition a doula is a trained companion who is not a healthcare professional & who supports another individual through a significant health-related experience, such as childbirth, miscarriage, induced abortion or stillbirth, or non-reproductive experiences such as dying (Wiki). The word doula comes from the Greek word doulē which means female slave. Those probably aren’t the nicest sounding words when you put it that way, but in a way, the meaning aligns with the purpose when you dive deeper. Doulas can also be known as labor assistant or birthing coaches. A doula, now in Bee The Doula's opinion, is someone provides a supportive service, and in this act of service the doula provides education, recommendations, guidance and most importantly support that caters to each individual client.


Why do I need a Doula?

If you:

  • Want a hospital, birth center or home birth

  • Want a vaginal delivery or c-section

  • Desire to be more prepared and educated for Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum

  • Have a history of Anxiety, Depression, or Postpartum Depression

  • Are having your 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th baby or whatever # baby

  • Are a single mother or single father

  • Have a history of miscarriage, stillbirth or abortion

  • Didn’t like the outcome of previous birth

  • Want to deliver without medication or with medication

  • Interested in delivering vaginally after having a c-section (VBAC, VBA2C)

  • Desire to have a breech vaginal birth

  • Had a traumatic birthing experience with other pregnancies/deliveries

  • History of abuse or sexual trauma

  • Didn't feel like you had the support you needed during pregnancy or postpartum

  • Want to have a more healthy and holistic birth

Then yes, you need a doula! All of these situations warrant someone to be a mode of constant support and guidance throughout the pregnancy process. As a fellow nurse, Bee The Doula understands that nurses and the doctor can only be available so much during pregnancy and labor, however, evidence shows that a woman during this time needs someone there with her, aside from her partner, providing constant reassurance, education and understands the process of childbirth.

Does it cost to have a Doula?

Doulas are trained professionals that have spent time and money to obtain their knowledge, skills and credentials. Doulas provide a service and that service, while very rewarding and fulfilling, it is every expensive financially, mentally and time wise. So, yes, there is a service fee for Doula services. Giveaways and scholarships may be optional in the future. Be sure to use your email and subscribe so you don't miss out! Pricing and packages for services are available on Booking Page. #SupportSmallBusinesses

Are payment plans available?

Yes! once the deposit is submitted, clients can utilize a payment plan that best suits them (monthly, payments broken up into 2 or 3 payments, etc.) as long as final balance is paid before the 37 weeks deadline. The earlier you book, the cheaper and more spread out your monthly payments can be! Beware that after 37 weeks, payment plans are not available and the full service fee will be due if you wish to book.

Do you Accept Insurance?

Some insurance companies will reimburse doula fees the client has already paid out of pocket. It’s best that you contact your insurance company to see if you qualify. Bee The Doula has a NPI number available upon request! Unfortunately, many insurance companies do not cover the cost of doula care, including medicaid, which limits the opportunity for doula care to be reimbursed to clients. Be sure to vote for officials/politicians that support mandating insurance companies/ medicaid reimburse or cover doula care for all families! Also, check with your insurance company to see if you are able to use your HSA/FSA account to pay for doula services!

When is the best time to get a doula?

NOW! Just kidding.. The earlier you book your doula the longer you have to pick their brains for all the information you can which will better prepare you for your delivery! This also gives you more time to start the process to get your body, mind and spirit in alignment with the next chapter of your life. However, the decision is up to you! Ultimately, whenever you are mentally ready is the best time to book a doula. Please understand you’re last minute decision to prepare does not determine the cost of services.

What questions should I ask my Doula?

Here is a link to some common questions to be asked during any initial consultation with a doula you meet with!

I'm pregnant. Now what?!

Well, first, congratulations!! Now, its time to decide who you want to deliver your baby and where. OBGYN or midwife? Out-Of-Hospital birth or Hospital birth?

These factors are critical in how your labor will be experienced and should be discussed among yourself and your partner.

Below are some questions that can be asked when interviewing different providers.



-“Do you practice evidence based care and keep up with


-“How long have you been supporting birthing people?”

-“What’s your philosophy on birth?”

-“What is your cesarean rate?” (For an out-of-hospital

midwife, you want to ask what their transfer rate is, what hospital they

may have partner with and what is their most common reason for


-“How do you feel about me choosing which position to birth


-“Do you keep up with ACOG guidelines?”

-“How do you feel about having an unmedicated birth with little to no


-“How do you feel about birth doulas?” (<-- This one is important!)

-“Will you be the one to attend my birth or will I get who is on-call?” (If

you get whoever is on-call, try to meet them as well and ask

questions, this is potentially someone who may be attending the birth)

-“I would like a physiological birth which means I will want free

movement during labor/birth, routine procedures and protocols may

not be for me and will be needing to be fully informed before agreeing

or refusing any interventions. How do you feel about that?”

-“My birth preferences are XYZ etc etc, do you feel you can be

supportive of that?”

-For an out-of-hospital midwife “What would cause me to risk out of

your care? At what point in birth will you come to me? In the event of a

transfer, will you stay with me? Do you have good relationships with

the hospitals in the area? What if you cannot make it to me, who will?

What is your fee? Do you take payment plans? Insurance? What type

of midwife is she/he? Etc etc etc (Flor Cruz, Tips for an Unmedicated Birth, 2020).



Your Birth Is Your Birth

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