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Birth Doula Mentoring

Aspiring and PASSIONATE doulas who desire to mentor with Bee over the course of weeks/months privately to see if this type of birth worker career is a fit for them will now have the opportunity to work with her and potentially be on the Student Doula Team!

As a Doula Mentee, you have already taken a doula training (Outside training or Bee's Birth Academy) and want to navigate getting the necessary birth experience or knowledge about the hospital space to be a successful independent doula!


Shadowing with Bee may include:

- Shadowing of client visits, births or calls/consultations

- Weekly meetings to reflect and map out business goals, lessons

- Assistance with website, social media and business flow set up as an independent doula

- Assigned 1 -2 clients to shadow through pregnancy, birth and postpartum


In Person AND Virtual Options are available!

*Includes: Birth Workbook, T Shirt & Bag*

Tiffany M, IL

“If you don’t want a comprehensive and immersive doula training, don’t come to Bee’s Birth Academy! Because you will get just that and insurmountable information and training beyond the classroom. It’s more than a class, it’s an experience that goes into depths of physiological birth, herbs, doula mindset, business operations, collaboration, to name a few. Both, doula and mentor training have far exceeded my expectations! I wish I had Bee The Doula as my birth companion during my pregnancies, however I now can learn from a very talented and underrated earth angel to provide a service of love, compassion, and tutelage to assist others during their pregnancy journeys."

Paid Mentorship


All Trainings last 4 weeks from the start date; Classes take place on Wednesday Rising (10a-2:30p) or Friday Evenings (4pm - 8:30pm) or Saturday Rising (10a-2:30p)

September 1st, 2024

April 4th, 2025

Only 4 In Person Spots Available

10 Virtual Spots Available


Bee requires people that are available, punctual, organized, and accountable to only apply! If you are not ready to take your life into your own hands, be motivated and get uncomfortable, then this is probably not the mentorship for you!

Internship Opportunity 

Payment options

Payment Plans are available for Mentee Cohorts! Payment Plans Must be Resolved BEFORE starting the Mentorship Program! Mentee's have the option to pay in full if they desire! Afterpay is Accepted!

If you're interested in Mentoring with Bee please fill out application with a resume attached showing your work/birth history!


Doula Mentee's have the opportunity to become a permanent Team Doula on the Bee The Doula, LLC Team. Ask Bee for more information!



Your Birth Is Your Birth

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