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Doula training & mentoring

Always had an interest to support women and families through the pregnancy, birth and postpartum process? Don't know where to start on the journey to become a birth doula? Need a birth doula mentor that believes in you and your success? If this is you, you have found the perfect Birth Doula Training and Mentorship program aimed to ensure that doulas leave feeling supported themselves and prepared to serve the community effectively, no matter the chosen birth enviorment!


prenatal Education classes &Childbirth prep

At Bee The Doula, we embrace the evidence that one on one support during pregnancy and birth enhances birth outcomes ten fold. In the months or weeks leading up to your pregnancy, The Doulas work on educating you and your family in an effort to empower you with information and resources to prepare you for your birth and breastfeeding experience. This takes place during the prenatal visits and/or during the Bee’s Birth Prep Series. These visits are to help keep you informed and guided throughout the interesting process of pregnancy. Bee’s Birth Prep Series (Prenatal Education Class) Bee’s Birth Prep is an interactive in-person or virtual class that reviews all of the important information you and your support person need to know before going into your birthing time, breastfeeding journey and the forever postpartum period. During the visit, the Doulas review topics such as birth physiology, nutritional guidance, herbal remedies for common discomforting pregnancy symptoms, preparation techniques for birth that can done during pregnancy, positions for the baby and the pelvis to facilitate birth, recognizing the signs of labor, breastfeeding, postpartum, common hospital practices and much, much more! In person classes allow for the ability for you to learn how to use a Doppler to listen to your baby from the comfort of your home and for you to get hands on practice with different comfort measures and positions for labor.


One on One labor/birth support

Birth support, education and empowerment are the essential tools needed during this experience so that mom and dad are satisfied with the safe and healthy delivery of the baby. Through use of aromatherapy, music therapy, counter pressure, hydrotherapy and more, Bee The Doula provides this support & offers recommendations to assist birthing parents with managing their pain and discomfort throughout labor and birth. Trust that birth is a normal process the same way you trust your heart to beat in your chest. You have the right to choose the type of birth you desire and be informed in every decision that you make. Your birth is your birth. Not your medical provider. Yours. *All Birth Packages include Birth Support*


Montrice Services

Bee the Doula offers Montrice services to clients if they desire to labor in the comfort of their homes as long as possible before transferring to the birth center or hospital. What is the difference between a doula and a montrice role? As we know, doula’s DO NOT perform clinical assessments or interventions. Montrice’s are individuals that have been trained and can make some clinically assessments of the woman in labor, thus allowing her to remain home as long as she desires. As a Registered Nurse, Bee can perform these assessments and provide this information to the clients to make the best decision for their health. Some of these clinical assessments include, cervical exams to assess dilation of the cervix (per client request), maternal blood pressure and heart rate vital sign checks, fetal position and fetal heart monitoring with doppler. The best candidates for having a Montrice as apart of their birth team are first time mothers who are unsure of the birth process and mothers who are desiring to have a vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) and want to go into labor spontaneously at home for as long as possible before imminent birth.


Postpartum Care

Postpartum home visits help parents, especially first timers, get off to a great start of learning and discovering their new little human and how to manage life as both as individuals and as parents. If you don't plan to have much support after delivering your baby, hiring a postpartum doula is highly recommended. What's your postpartum plan? To ensure that you receive the best possible care for you and your newborn baby, Doulas with Bee The Doula will stay in close contact with you after your birth to provide support, physical exams, assist with breastfeeding, and answer any questions you may have as you navigate your way through getting to know your new baby. All Bee The Doula clients will receive a postpartum basket of herbal goodies to help with healing the birthing person as well. Some things that be done during each visit may include breastfeeding support, postnatal yoga, belly binding, postpartum vaginal steaming and just letting you sleep! All of these services can be provided to you in the comfort of your home. Bee The Doula's goal is to stay connected with you after your delivery for newborn development guidance, healthy return to pre-pregnancy state and spiritual longevity . Having issues with Breastfeeding? Schedule a visit under the Booking Tab! See The Pricing Tab for Details. Interested in our Postpartum Wellness Visits (Herbal Baths & Yoni Steam)? Schedule a consultation under the Booking Tab!


Placenta encapsulation 

Did you know that humans are the only mammals that don't normally consume their placenta after birth? In ancient history, there has been many different traditional and ritualistic ways to either consume or honor the placenta for providing your baby blood supply and nutrients for 9-10 months of pregnancy. One example of this tradition is burying the placenta and planting a tree over it to signify the birth and growth of the child. Another example would be adding the placenta to a smoothie or encapsulating the placenta. Placenta encapsulation is very common practice in the ancient Chinese and African cultures. This type of encapsulation is the act of cleaning, steaming and dehydrating your placenta so that it can be ground up and put into capsules for you to take daily. This is a very easy and simple process, but if you don't have the stomach for it, Bee the Doula is blood borne pathogen certified and is knowledgeable in encapsulating your placenta for you using sterile technique and tools! Common benefits of placenta encapsulation are the balancing of hormones & overall mood after delivery which helps prevent postpartum depression, aids in the production of breast milk, replenishes iron levels after delivery, and helps the uterus return back to its pre-pregnancy state. Add ons Include: - Placenta Paintings/Prints - Flavored capsules - Gold/Silver or Colored Umbilical Cord Keepsakes Schedule a consultation to begin the process if you're interested!

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Herbal & Nutritional Guidance 

Bee The Doula is a firm believer that Mother Earth has provided us with all the nutritional essentials needed for survival. The same applies with pregnancy and any gynecological issues. Your diet is a huge part of why some of the imbalances within your body exist. You are what you put into your body! Many different herbs can be used to alleviate different pregnancy complications or bring balance to mom during pregnancy, delivery and postpartum such as drinking ginger tea or using ginger ice cubes to aid with nausea/vomiting. Herbal remedies are also useful during pre-pregnancy such as herbal vaginal steaming and taking chaste tree tincture to help balance hormones and strengthen vaginal tissues. As a woman, healing your womb should be one of the first steps in beginning the journey of healing. When you heal your Yoni, you heal yourself. Book a Nutritional Q&A, an Herb Class or Monthly Coaching with Bee!


Maternity, birth & Newborn photography

Since 2015, Bee the Doula has been known to some as Bee The Photographer. Memories are some of her favorite things to obtain in life, which is what lead her down the rabbit hole into her love for photography. Every picture here on the website was photographed by Bee, and each moment holds a special place in her heart because these people were so gracious enough to allow her into such a beautiful moment in their lives. Why not enjoy a snapshot in time of such a sacred and amazing moment? After all, you’re gonna remind them of it for the rest of their lives! More photography content located at


Pre & Postnatal Yoga

Yoga & Prenatal yoga is such a helpful & inexpensive tool that is used to release tension & stress, ease joint pain and help prepare your pelvis for pregnancy, delivery and postpartum. Yoga combined with regular Webster Trained chiropractor adjustments, mediation and deep belly breathing is a killer combination to have not just managing pain and discomfort in pregnancy, labor and birth, but throughout any point of your life journey. Bee offers monthly yoga sessions (Yoga With Bee) to her clients (free attendance) and all other persons are welcome to join us in person at Full Circle Family Services or virtually for a small fee. Follow Bee on Instagram (@beethedoula) so you don’t miss the event!

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Your Birth Is Your Birth

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