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See Booking Disclaimers Below!

Birth Doula Availability

Bee's Availability

Bee is Currently Accepting Birth Doula Clients for the following Months of 2024:

Guess Dates = Estimated Due Date

Click Here for Availability!


The Bee Team Doulas

See That Bee isn't available for the time of your birth?

Wanting to meet with other trained doulas on the team as you weigh your options for support?

Reach Out to The Doulas! 




Bee The Doula. LLC is always accepting placenta encapsulation and Bee's Birth Prep/Childbirth Education Classes, & Postpartum/Breastfeeding clients.


Bee works with Student Doulas in Training as well! So if you're interested in working with a doula that trains under Bee to work with you for a smaller booking fee, please see the Student Doula Program. This program is always available whether Bee is accepting clients or not. Contact us for more information!

Booking Disclaimers

An initial consultation is required with all package or service inquiries. Scroll above to access the section to book!



Step 1:

Schedule a consultation (Scroll Up or Click Here).

Step 2:

Sign the corresponding Agreement Form(s) with the services you desire. These were sent to your email before or after your consultation. It will be titled "Bee The Doula Intake Forms".

Step 3:

Await an invoice and prepare to submit a 25% deposit of the total services. This email will come from Square and can be submitted through that email.


Payments Accepted: Debit/Credit Cards, AfterPay, HSA/FSA, CashApp Pay & Apple/Google Pay. No Zelle, PayPal or Direct CashApp Payments.

Payment plans are available and vary on a case by case basis. However, if you are 37 weeks or more, full amount of service fee will be due at the time of booking.

An invoice will be created after filling out the contract and initial consultation.

Payments are only accepted via Square Invoicing.


Further details can be discussed at initial consultation.

If a consultation has already taken place, the email titled 'Intake Form' will contain the contract required to sign to begin the process of working with Bee!

Please allow me until 8 p.m. same day, to send your intake form.


Unfortunately at this time, Bee the Doula does not accept insurance as a form of payment. Why?


As a courtesy, it is requested that after each consultation that a decision to book or not be given to Bee The Doula within 2-3 weeks of meeting so she can better serve other clients.


Before session dates are confirmed, Bee the Doula will reach out to confirm availability for that time and date. Once contact is made & availability has been confirmed, session date is locked in unless contacted otherwise.


Student Doula Program: Booking and Payment is separate from booking Bee, The Doula as a doula! See the Student Doula Program Page.

Contact Bee

Please reach out if you have a more in depth question prior to scheduling your consultation! Your question may have been answered under the Frequency Asked Questions tab!


If you're interested in birth doula services, childbirth education classes, or any of the Bee The Doula Services, please schedule a consultation to move forward!


If you are pregnant please include weeks/ months of pregnancy & the place of birth you desire! Thank you!

(888) 847-4077

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Thanks for submitting! Please allow for 24-72 hours for a response!



Your Birth Is Your Birth

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