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Bee The Doula, LLC

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Your Birth is Your Birth

Welcome to the home page of Bee The Doula, LLC! If you’re here, you’ve already taken the first step into the right direction in healing and empowering yourself with knowledge so kuddos to you!

  • Whether you are here looking for a doula for guidance & support through the process of growing, birthing and caring for your future baby, placenta encapsulation services, looking to train or mentor to become a doula or placenta encapsulator, we are here to support & serve YOU!

  • There’s a lot of information here to explore and lots of pretty pictures to enjoy, so kick off your shoes and enjoy the ride!

Photography by Bee The Photographer

In Person Labor Support from Trained Doulas

Childbirth Education Classes

Postpartum Support, Herbal Baths & Yoni Steams

Placenta Encapsulation


Herb Based Feminine Products

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Doula Inquires & Consultations

Need guidance through the world of childbirth & postpartum?

Ready to move forward on your journey of hiring a Doula for your pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience? Whether it's Bee or any of the other amazing doulas on the team, we are ready to support and guide you and your family through one of the most transformational periods of your life!

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Birth Doula Training, Workshops & Mentorship

Looking for a different career path?

Have a passion for supporting pregnancy, birth and families?

Interested in becoming a Birth Doula that supports, educates, prepares and empowers families in your community? 

Click the button below to explore the different trainings and mentorships available at

Bee's Birth Academy!

Birth & Postpartum Doula Agency


Searching for a tribe to be apart of through your birth worker journey? Need more exposure in the Houston community to help your doula career take off and a remain a steady source of income? 

Looking for a trusted Doula directory?

Inquire about being a Team Doula if you have 1 year of experience (3 or more births completed) using the link below!


Bee The Doula Birth Workbooks
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Yara's Mom - 05/09/22

Placenta Encapsulation

We got our placenta encapsulated through her & those things are the truth! I missed a day of taking them & instantly noticed the lack of energy I had compared to the boost I felt everyday taking them.

Lili's Mom - 06/02/2022

Out of Hospital Birth

I truly feel without her, I would have been a total mess, a cranky cry baby..she helped me stay present and reminded me each pain had a purpose, and I was that much closer to meeting my baby.

Tobenna's Mom - 05/06/2021

Hospital Birth

BriAnna is a pro in the labor room offering constant support physically, emotionally & mentally. It's a major plus that she is a labor & delivery RN. She knows so much regarding childbirth scenarios.

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Please reach out if you have a more in depth question prior to scheduling your consultation! Your question may have been answered under the Frequency Asked Questions tab!


If you're interested in birth doula services, childbirth education classes, or any of the Bee The Doula Services, please schedule a consultation to move forward!


If you are pregnant please include weeks/ months of pregnancy & the place of birth you desire! Thank you!

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Your Birth Is Your Birth

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